Who should tell the story?

I have just watched the first episode of the Hospital Corona Virus special. It was not pleasant viewing, but is in my opinion, essential viewing. It should be less of a political issue and more of a humanitarian one and those in the medical profession are best placed to tell this awful story. Amidst the current prevalence of misinformation, rumour, spin and delusion, I understand why most of us are limiting our exposure to the coverage or even beginning to believe that things are beginning to get back to normal but I urge you all to look beyond the headlines, dig deep into the statistics and interrogate and cross-examine what you read and hear.
In The Radio Times this week, the BBC’s Fergus Walsh said, “the epidemic [has been] categorised around the Number Ten briefing. This is important but it [has become] a political story and I was keen to get it back to see what the pandemic was doing and why we were being asked to stay at home”



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