Inktober -day 2 – tranquil

I did this from my head and gave myself no more than five minutes. The cynical or cruel amongst you might say “It shows” but, given that, other than absent-minded doodling, it was only my second ink-thing for a long time, I think it has something about it (if you squint hard!).

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Inktober – day 1

This is the first time I’ve put pen to paper for years, other than doodles to get me through the interminable blah blah of meetings. So I thought I’d start with a scribble and see what came out of it. Simon said it was reminiscent of Kandinsky! It became something/someone I wouldn’t necessarily want to […]

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#Inktober2018 day 5

Still ignoring the themes! I haven’t changed since my art student days. Never much of a rule follower then or now. Would hate to have been my teacher back then. Need to get the hang of distance when using inks. Easier with water colours. But ink seems to be all about what you leave out… […]

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Roots and Inspiration

In the 1980’s, I studied Ghanaian drumming with Kwesi Asere for a few years and he was an inspirational figure for me in many ways. I went to his house occasionally, played in his traditional hi-life band and borrowed his musicians for my first percussion band, Inner Sense. When I moved away from Manchester, I […]

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