I looked out of the train window and saw a heron flying high above me, its wings and neck outstretched. The train guard didn’t see it so it was private moment, not to be wasted, asking, “did you see that?”, knowing that he didn’t and also missing it. So I drifted away from the mundanity […]


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Who should tell the story?

I have just watched the first episode of the Hospital Corona Virus special. It was not pleasant viewing, but is in my opinion, essential viewing. It should be less of a political issue and more of a humanitarian one and those in the medical profession are best placed to tell this awful story. Amidst the […]

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Watching Over Me

Last night, Dad came to me in a dream. We were on a journey. Trying to locate something, I’m not sure what. Maybe some fuel for a car or a place to stay. I was in a public toilet, and I was being sick, violently sick. It was a reddish colour and Dad was asking […]

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How are you?

How am I? Angry that he left the party early… glad that he didn’t suffer a long illness… grateful that we welcomed him into our family and he had the best of times with me and my family by the sea and at home in the city in his many community choirs, writing groups, drama […]

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He wasn’t done yet

Everything looks different today. Last night, my Dad checked out. …. Too early. I know he wasn’t done yet. I’m pretty sure he joined every Salford community group there is: guitar, writing, samba, drama… we took him to see Airto at the Band on the Wall last year and he managed to find himself in […]

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